Provision of Engineering Services for Roundhill and King Williams Town Landfill Sites within Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM)

Envitech were appointed by BCMM to provide a turn-around strategy for the East London Regional Waste Disposal Site (also known as the Roundhill landfill site) and the King Williams Town landfill site.  The turn−around strategy, in line with the permit requirements, was divided into three (3) phases by BCMM:

  • Phase 1 − Operational Assessment of both the Sites
  • Phase 2 − Implementation of the Rehabilitation Plan / Emergency
  • Phase 3 − Design, Construction and Management of Cells 3 and 4 at Roundhill landfill site

Upon completion of Phase 1 and Phase 2, Phase 3 was implemented.  Phase 3  included the design, documentation, implementation and construction supervision of the  following major items:

  • Landfill Cell 4
  • Landfill Cell 3 – “Piggy-back” liner
  • A Leachate Dam
  • A Leachate Treatment Plant (LTP)
  • A Storage Recyclables Facility (SRF)
  • A Liner Temperature Monitoring System
  • Waste Inspection Cameras
  • Various Ancillary Works

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